The Photographic Society of Malaysia was founded in 1956 to promote photography as an art form.
Membership is open to everyone, and as members,you grow with us as photographers and
discover the exciting and varied world of photography.
PSM Photography Contest 2013
PSM Member competition “Horse year expression”
Member competition “Horse year expression” was judged on 10th May at Flemington Hotel in Taiping by judges Wong Beow Leng, Teo Yong Kang both from Singapore and Law Cheng Tean from Ipoh.

Congratulations to the winners below:

First Prize: Ho Ah Mook (10 points) Cash RM1000 plus crystal plaque

Second Prize:Soo Wee Ming (8 points) Cash RM750 plus crystal plaque

Third Prize:Lin Kuw Ming (6 points) Cash RM500 plus crystal plaque

5 Merit awards: each 4 points Cash RM100 and PSM Certificate Koh Wee Hai, Eng Chuen Fui, Wong Wai Sun, Goh Chor Tian, Harry Woo

Please keep a lookout for the 2nd Member competition title “Sea” closing on 28th Oct and liaise with the relevant department for information to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

2014 Anniversary photo shoot contest
The PSM Anniversary photo contest was judged on the same day of the photo shoot on 10th May with 25 participants and 100 pictures.

Congratulations to the winners below:

First Prize: Chong Soo Fo (Johore) Cash RM400 and PSM Certificate

Second Prize:Chia Wai Keong, Cash RM400 and PSM Certificate

Third Prize:Koh Wee Hai (Selangor) Cash RM300 and PSM Certificate

5 Merit awards: Each Cash RM100 and PSM Certificate Yong June Siang, Chong Kit Han, Lin Kuw Ming, Harry Woo, Soo Wee Ming

If there is an error in the full name of the photographer, please quickly notify us to avoid any inconvenience.