The Photographic Society of Malaysia was founded in 1956 to promote photography as an art form.
Membership is open to everyone, and as members,you grow with us as photographers and
discover the exciting and varied world of photography.
Lasted News
PSM Photography Contest 2013
The 30th International Malaysia Salon Exhibition 2012
The 30th International Malaysia Salon Exhibition, a biennial exhibition, has seen tremendous support and participations from photographers all over the world.

The Society would like to extend its warmest appreciation to fellow participants. The full cceptance list can be downloaded in the link below :
PSM Photo Contests
The Society organizes various photo competitions for its members annually, which comes with attractive prizes by major sponsors.

Annually, the Society has three members contests which encompasses various themes, testing the visual and creativity of members...
Latest Distinction Successes 2013
The Society is elated and proud that 2 of its members have gained distinctions from other photographic societies. They are :
1) Andy Phua Seng Huat - APSM In
Year 2013

2) Guek Peng Siong - FPSM In
Year 2013

3) Mr. Yeo Yeow Kwang - FPSM In
Year 2013

4) Mr. Chua Keng Seng Kaz - FPSM In
Year 2013

The Society wishes them many congratulations, and their portfolio will be available for viewing in due time.
The Photographic Society Of Malaysia
Formed in 1956 by a group of serious photography enthusiasts, PSM was then known as “The Photographic Society of The Federation Of Malaya”. Founded by Mr. Low Kuan, Mr. Leong Heng Peng, Mr. Foong Tuen Seng, Mr. Yee Mun Poh, Mr. C C Too, Mr. Wan Ye Jing, Mr. Poon Sun Chow, Mr. Loke Pun, Mr. Chia Siew Seng, Mr. Cheong Chew Wah, Mr. Liang Tsang Ying and Mr. Fong Chung, PSM has come a long way then, and has matured into one of the leading photographic society in Malaysia as well as in Asia, and the international arena.

PSM was founded in the basis of promoting the art and sciences of photography, as well as an educational entity to improve the standard of photography among its members and the general public. It also serves as a platform to foster closer relationship amongst photography enthusiasts, among photographic societies in Malaysia and the rest of the world.