The Photographic Society of Malaysia was founded in 1956 to promote photography as an art form.
Membership is open to everyone, and as members,you grow with us as photographers and
discover the exciting and varied world of photography.
PSM Photography Contest 2013
Cameron Highlands Photo Activities
The Cameron Highlands Photo contest was judged at PSM clubhouse on 4th January 2015, with 17 participants submitting 85 works. Judges include Teh Eng Guan, Soo Wee Ming and Philip Cheang.

Winners as Below:
1. Lin Kuw Ming

2. Law Cheng Tean

3. Simon Yong

5 Merits :
  1. Low Fong Ying
  2. Koh Wee Hai
  3. Lai Wee
  4. Chong Kit Han
  5. Harry Woo

New Members Matter
The new membership cards are ready and shall be sent to the members in Feb 2015.

Cameron Highlands Photo Talk
In conjunction with the Cameron Highlands photo activities, we conducted 2 nights of talks on photography topics by Harry Woo, Tan Song Chuan, Ho Kin Meng and Law Cheng Tean.

PSM Membership Strength
As of 31st December 2014, PSM membership strength reached 510. Between 2013 and 2014, we saw about 61 new members from local and overseas. We encourage members whose membership has lapsed to quickly renew their membership fees.

Conferment of HON.FPSM
PSM is pleased to confer upon the below the title of Honorary Fellow of The Photographic Society of Malaysia:

  1. Teo Bee Yen (Singapore)
  2. John . Davis Jr (USA)
  3. Henry Ng (USA)
  4. Daduan Deng (China)
  5. Wang Li (China)
  6. Tan Lip Seng (Singapore)
  7. Miss Vannee Chutchawantipakorn (Thailand)
  8. Tay Puay Koon (Singapore)
  9. Tan Keng Lian (Singapore)
  10. Mark Lo (Taiwan)
  11. Chai Chin Khiong (Sarawak)
  12. Siew Tick Chai (Miri)
  13. Leong Siew Kuan (Miri)
  14. Law Cheng Tean (Ipoh)
  15. Cheang Kum Seng (Ipoh)
  16. Tay Ah Kow (Kluang)
  17. Chang Choo Khong (Kluang)
  18. Claymond Leong Yung Nyee (Kuching)
  19. Johnathan Tai Nyik Fui (Kuching)
  20. Ng Kok Leong (Kuala Lumpur)
  21. Eng Ah Soon (Negeri Sembilan)
  22. Steve Chong (Negeri Sembilan)
  23. Chong Tong Chai (Johor Bharu)
  24. Cheong Weng Leong (Pahang)
  25. Eng Chuen Fui (Kuala Lumpur)
  26. Ho Kin Meng (Kuala Lumpur)
  27. Bao-Then Li (Chengdu China)

2014 second Distinction Assessment report
The PSM’s 2nd distinction assessment was held on 23rd November at PPSM Clubhouse. There were 3 applicants for APSM and 2 applicants for FPSM. Judges present were Goh Chor Tian, Teh Eng Guan, Billion Lim, Chua Keng Seng, Soo Wee Ming and Harry Woo.

The successful applicants of the assessment as below

Associateship of PSM (APSM):
Lin Kah Wai (USA)

Cheng Hong Wai Victor (Hong Kong)

Chu Siew Thong (Johor)

Fellowship of PSM (FPSM):
Tan Song Chuan (Johor)

2014 Second member competition results
The 2nd member competition judging was held on 23rd Nov in the morning at the PSM Clubhouse. Judges include Billion Lim, Teh Eng Guan, Chua Keng Seng and Claymond Leong.

Results as below

First Prize: Andy Phua (10 points) Rm1000 and crystal trophy

Second Prize: Lin Kum Ming (8 points) RM750 and crystal trophy

Third Prize: Wong Wai Sun (6 points) Rm500 and crystal trophy

5 Merit: Philip Cheang, Goh Chor Tian, Soo Wee Ming, Lai Wei and Harry Woo (each 4 points) RM100 and certificate Overall champion of 2014 member’s competition Lin Kum Ming with 14 points


If there is any error in the above, pls quickly notify Harry Woo at 60123344396.

Donation to PSM
We would like to thank our Honorary Chairman Mr Teoh Kok Kee for donating RM1000 to PSM. This is his second donation to PSM this year. The first one being R3000 for PSM Salon.

Note: For those who participated, pls request from the Council for the book

New membership card
Todate, we did not receive many updates from members for the membership cards distribution. Hence, the Council decided that should the members not provide new photograph, their membership card shall not have the photo. Appreciate everyone’s patience on this.

Yucai Primary School photo contest
The annual Yucai Primary school photo contest was judged at PSM clubhouse on 7th November. Judges include PSM Council Harry Woo, Goh Chor Tian and Philip Cheang. The contest coordinator Mak Wai Kin said that the contest is very useful in cultivating among the students the love for art and personal cultivation.

Cameron Highland photo outing
5th to 7th Dec saw 32 photographers going to Cameron Highland for photo outing. This was organised with Foto Imej of Perak. There was much interaction and exchanges.

Flash News 10.10.2014

PSA China will organise the 6th International Salon of Photography 2014 exhibition, closing date on November 30, 2014, for all those member are like to participate, please visit their salon website for further information :!


This is last member photo contest of year 2014, please do not miss a good opportunity to win a cash prizes.

Topics of competition for this season is “SEA” , any submission works related to sea, a set of four photo, size 8x10 – 8x12, accepted black & white or colour .

Hurry ! the closing date on October 31, 2014.


The first photo outing to Taiping been attracted over 60 member participate, the response is excellent.

PSM committee announce the 2nd Photo Outing to Cameron Highland on December 5th – 7th , (3 days 2 night) .

Date: From December 5th – 7th 2014.
Fee: RM 180/- per head + steamboat dinner RM 20/- = RM 200/- , including 2 night accommodation, 2 person per room, exclude transportation & meals.
Transportation Arrange by PSM, RM 70/- per head, owned arrange excluded.
Photo contest prizes: Top Prize x 3 Pax - Cash Prize RM 500/- + PSM Certificate
Merit Prize x 5 Pax - Cash Prize RM 100/- + PSM Certificate
Remark: Entry Form & Rule will be despatch on departure date.
TEL : 05-4961268

PSM Malaysia International Photography Salon
The PSM Malaysia International Photography Salon exhibition was held from 16th to 21st August at SGM Cultural hall with more than 2000 visitors over the 3 days. The opening ceremony on 17th August drew a crowd of more than 300 people and was officiated by the Chairman of Star Group Publication Dato’ Fu Ah Kiow.

The opening ceremony proceeded smoothly and was completed by 12noon. The slide show which commenced at 1pm was received with a fullhouse crowd. PSM Vice Presidetn Goh Chor Tian gave commentaries of the works. The slideshow ended at 3pm.

The salon catalogue was the one of the highlight of that day. It was produced within a short time frame of 10 days with minimal errors and cost of production was reduced by 30% compared to previous years’ with each book costing RM11.70 to produce. It shall be sold for RM18 per copy. The cover design was done by Philip Cheang.

What came as a surprise was the interview of the Turkish TV channel which came to the venue. They were received by Goh Chor Tian who gave them insights on the future of photography salons and how our PSM salon was operated.

“Glorious Heritage” PSM anniversary book
Spanning 222 pages featuring 216 works, the hardcover book’s dimension is 11inches by 11inches and weigh about 1kg. The printing cost is RM50 per copy. Several members who purchased the books gave very good feedback and compliments. It consists of works of our members and invited photographers, all of various level of skills.

Note: For those who participated, pls request from the Council for the book

PSM Member competition “Horse year expression”
Member competition “Horse year expression” was judged on 10th May at Flemington Hotel in Taiping by judges Wong Beow Leng, Teo Yong Kang both from Singapore and Law Cheng Tean from Ipoh.

Congratulations to the winners below:

First Prize: Ho Ah Mook (10 points) Cash RM1000 plus crystal plaque

Second Prize:Soo Wee Ming (8 points) Cash RM750 plus crystal plaque

Third Prize:Lin Kuw Ming (6 points) Cash RM500 plus crystal plaque

5 Merit awards: each 4 points Cash RM100 and PSM Certificate Koh Wee Hai, Eng Chuen Fui, Wong Wai Sun, Goh Chor Tian, Harry Woo

Please keep a lookout for the 2nd Member competition title “Sea” closing on 28th Oct and liaise with the relevant department for information to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

The first term of the PSM Distinction in 2014 saw a total of 8 submissions, 4 for Associateshiip application and 4 for Fellowship application. Distinction Chairman Dr Ng Chong Kin oversee the process with the help of 5 judges and the results as follow:

Associateship of PSM (APSM)
CMR. ONG YOONG JIAN (Kuala Lumpur)

Fellowship of PSM (FPSM)
MR. PHILIP CHEANG (Kuala Lumpur)
YEO ENG SIONG (Singapore)

The judges are Dr Wong Kum Weng, Mr Goh Chor Tian, Mr Soo Wee Ming, Mr Teh Eng Guan and Mr Harry Woo The Distinction Chairman applauded the high quality of photographs being submitted.

The judging of “Taiping Lake” outing competition was conducted on 22nd June at PSM Clubhouse. The judges were Dr Wong Kum Weng, Mr Goh Chor Tian and Mr Soo Wee Ming. A total of 150 photographs were submitted. The proceeding went through 3 rounds of judging to conclude the winners.

First Prize: HARRY WOO (Canon D1000 DSLR + 18-55mm Len + Cash RM200/- + Certificate)

Second Prize:CHAN CHON KONG (Canon Power Shot N + Cash RM200/- + Certificate)

Third Prize:LIN KUW MING (Canon Power Shot SX1701S + Cash RM200/- + Certificate)

5 Merit awards: KOH WEE HAI, LAI WEE, CHONG CHOY, CHONG KIT HAN, LAW CHENG TEAN (each winning Canon Selphy CP910 Printer)

If there is an error in the full name of the photographer, please quickly notify us to avoid any inconvenience.

2014 Anniversary photo shoot contest
The PSM Anniversary photo contest was judged on the same day of the photo shoot on 10th May with 25 participants and 100 pictures.

Congratulations to the winners below:

First Prize: Chong Soo Fo (Johore) Cash RM400 and PSM Certificate

Second Prize:Chia Wai Keong, Cash RM400 and PSM Certificate

Third Prize:Koh Wee Hai (Selangor) Cash RM300 and PSM Certificate

5 Merit awards: Each Cash RM100 and PSM Certificate Yong June Siang, Chong Kit Han, Lin Kuw Ming, Harry Woo, Soo Wee Ming

If there is an error in the full name of the photographer, please quickly notify us to avoid any inconvenience.

2014 Anniversary Gathering

The original plan for this year’s Anniversary Gathering is to hold it in a countryside Club but due to certain reasons, we decided to hold it at Radius International Hotel. We had an attendance of 140 members from peninsula Malaysia. The event started at 8am for registration and the model photo shoot began at 9am. The bikini model shoot saw much excitement among the members as they jostled for good angles and clicked away. 12pm the members entered the dining room. Harry Woo presented his speech. In his speech, he stressed the importance of the need to recruit more new members and to organize more activities for members. This year’s Anniversary Gathering saw many new faces and this bode very well for PSM. Besides Members’ Outings and Members’ Competition, 2014 PSM International Salon is another major highlight for this year. We need to “Persevere” to face the challenges ahead. We are glad to present the Honorary Fellowship to 29 distinguished photographers for their contribution and excellence in photographic art.

After the presentation of prizes and awards, the Lucky Draws saw attractive prizes up for grab including 5 pieces of 32Gb Pen Drive, 5 pieces of 1TB Seagate Pocket Hard Disc, 5 pieces of camera bag and 1 unit of Sharp 39” FHD TV. The event ended at 2pm. Look forward to another good gathering in 2015.

“Impression of Lembing” photography camp

After the success of the photography camp in 2013 with the talk “Harry and Me”, Mr Chan Chon Kong organised the second series of the talk and program “Impressions of Lembing” at Sungai Lembing, a place with nice scenery and simple way of life as well as great food. The 40 participants came from Kuantan, Mentakab, Temerloh, Srijaya and Kuala Lumpur. PSM is represented by Harry Woo, Eng Chuen Fui, Koh Wee Hai, Philip Cheang and Chua Keng Seng.

27th April at night saw PSM conducting 2 photography talks by Chua Keng Seng and Harry Woo. 28th April was the judging date for the photo marathon. 1pm afternoon saw the submission and judging at 2pm by Harry Woo, Chua Keng Seng and Koh Wee Hai. Harry Woo and Chua Keng Seng provided the commentary on the judged works. The camp ended at 4.30pm with good review.

1st Members’ photo outing

PSM conducted the photo outing to Taiping Lake on 10th to 11th May with accommodation at Flemington Hotel. The program was held with great success and everyone present enjoyed the photo sessions, good food and friendship bonds. A final reminder to the participants, the deadline for entries submission is 30th May. We would like to express our thanks to Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd for sponsoring prizes worth RM$5000.

PSM Distinction Assessment

Please be reminded that the PSM Associateship and Fellowship Distinction assessment is on 31st May with the next one being in October.

PSM Logo

PSM new logo was designed by Council member Philip Cheang to signify a new direction in PSM. He also sponsored the installation of the signboard at the Clubhouse as well as a banner which we can use for our outings.

Photography workshop in Kuching

PSM President Harry Woo is invited to Kuching to conduct a photography workshop at Sarawak Photographic Society and foster better ties between the two clubs. Harry will promote the PSM Salon and PSM Distinction.


The Royal Photographic Society is holding its 3rd Chang Fine Art Photo Contest with attractive prizes, with the top prize being US$9,500. The theme is “Light” and the closing date is 15th June 2014.

Achievement Board

Ong Chau Wee attain PSA Galaxy One
Koh Wee Hai attain Fellowship of Singapore Colour Photographic Society
Phua Seng huat attain Associateship of Singapore Colour Photographic Society
Harry Woo won PhotoVivo Singapore International Photography Award 2013 RPS Silver Medal

AFIAP/EFIAP Application

Interested member who are keen to apply for the AFIAP/EFIAP titles, please note that the closing date is 20th April and contact Harry Woo (021-3344396) for information.

PSM Clubhouse Sound System

Our member from Kuantan, Mr Chan Chon Kong, sponsored a set of sound speaker system to PSM Clubhouse. The system is worth RM2,000. The wiring was done by our volunteer Mr Tang Choon Khong. We are thankful for their contributions.

5th PSA China International Photo Salon

The much anticipated PSA China International Photography Salon concluded its judging on 21st January with judges from China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The Salon attracted 10870 images from 779 photographers across 47 countries, a record for this Salon.

Congratulations to its success.

31st PSM International Photography Salon

The 31st PSM International Photography Salon shall close in July 2014.

The last one held on 2012 received 5412 images from 51 countries. We look forward to the success of the coming one with more entries to break the record.

The 31st PSM International Photography Salon received patronage from PSA, FIAP and RPS. This Salon shall see medals from the 3 associations up for grabs.

There will be 4 sections being Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Travel Colour and Nature Colour. A total of 132 awards shall be awarded. The closing date is 13th July 2014, judging shall be held on 19th and 20th July with the exhibition from 16th to 21st July.

We are now in the final stages of this wonderful project with 55 photographers contributing 160 images. We are able to reach our targeted 200 pages with the contribution from our guests. You can still submit for this book by informing Harry Woo at your soonest.

The judging shall be held in March/April and we look forward to your submission.

2014 AGM
Please be informed that the PSM 2014 AGM shall convene on 23rd March 2014, Sunday at 12noon at the premises of PSM Clubhouse. Anything to be brought up at the AGM must be put in writing to the PSM Secretary 15 days before the date of AGM.

2nd Member’s Photography Contest 2013
20 members submitted 80 works for the contest, with the pictures judged on 17th Nov at PSM Clubhouse. Judges include Dr Ng Chong Kin, Ong Wee Chau and Soo Wee Ming.

The list of winners as below:

First Prize: Teh Eng Guan, 10 points (winner of RM1,000 and Crystal Trophy)

Second Prize: Andy Phua 8 points (winner of RM750 and Crystal Trophy)

Third Prize: Wong Wai Sun 6 points (winner of RM500 and Crystal Trophy)

5 Merit awards: Harry Woo, Koh Wee Hai, Michael Hue, Eng Chuen Fui, Yap Kok Hing (each winning RM100 and Crystal Trophy)

2013 Grand Winner: Andy Phua with 16 points

Congratulations to the winners. Let’s look forward to more exciting competition and pictures in next year.

Pangkor Island Photo Contest
PSM organized the members’ outdoor photo activity at Pangkor Island from 18th to 20th October 2013 and concluded it with a photo contest. The judging was held on 17th November at PSM’s Clubhouse. Panel of judges include Dr Ng Chong Kin, Ong Chau Wee and Soo Wee Ming.

The list of winners as below:

Prize winners as below:

First Prize: Chan Chon Kong (Kuantan)

Second Prize: Harry Woo (Rawang)

Third Prize: Lee Chee Wai (Ipoh)

5 Merit : Koh Wee Hai, Lin Kuw Ming, Eng Chuen Fui, Ho Kin Meng, Wong Wai Sun

Congratulations to the above.

2013 ASPM Recipient
The selected works of Andy Phua Seng Huat.

2013 FPSM Recipient
Mr. Guek Peng Siong (SINGAPOREON)

Mr. Yeo Yeow Kwong (SINGAPOREON)

MR. Chua Keng Seng, Kaz (PETALING JAYA)

2014 Photography Program
The PSM Council met on 8th December 2013 and discussed about the photography program in 2014. We have lined up a series of exciting and good program. Look out for them in forthcoming news.

2014 Member Photo Book
As of today, we received 182 images from 63 participants. The book target to be launched in July.

The Council would like to express their gratitude to the following for their generous donation to this project:
Teo Bee Yen RM10,000
Teoh Kok Kee RM2,000
Chai Chin Khiong RM2,000
Mark Lo RM2,000

2014 PSM Distinction Assessment
The closing date for PSM Distinction assessment is 31st May 2014. Interested party please inform us and we shall advice on submission procedure. The Council has decided that the month of May and October accept both Associateship and Fellowship submission.

Contact person: Harry Woo (012-3344396) and Goh Chor Tian (012-2282838)