The Photographic Society of Malaysia was founded in 1956 to promote photography as an art form.
Membership is open to everyone, and as members,you grow with us as photographers and
discover the exciting and varied world of photography.
PSM Photography Contest 2013
Teamwork with a common goal” led to the success of several of our projects, notably the PSM’s 31st salon which concluded with much fanfare.

Recently, PSM received distinction application portfolios from Singapore, Hong Kong and America. This shows the prestige of PSM in the eyes of the photographers. We are also glad to see a great increase in membership in PSM this year which hit historical figures, and we thank our members for their support.

It is a good sign that many clubs are organising international photography salons. PSA China and PhotoVivo Singapore continue to organise their respective 6th and 2nd international salons which all received good response. This year also saw a record numbers of joint activities. Many local and international organisations collaborated with PSM in organising talks, competitions, seminars, exhibitions etc. We are glad that the effort of our Council members saw fruits of success.

The month of October was a very busy month for us all. 11th to 18th Oct saw us being engaged with Canon’s Photo Marathon which stretched from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. The judging session was interviewed by the famous show “Face Off”. 19th to 28th Oct saw 8 PSM members visiting Sichuan in China for a photo exchange. This allowed us to interact with the photographers in China and update them on the progress of photography in Malaysia.

10th to 15th November saw us invited to “Four Seasons of Jiangsu” for photography exchange. This was organised by Hong Kong China tour publications and World Chinese Photographers Federation with 40 established photographers from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, America, Canada, Japan, Australia, Malaysia. This program allowed good interaction for photographers.

We hope PSM members will continue to support PSM’s activities and lets bring PSM to the next level.

- Harry Woo Hong Sang